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Brexit Support Fund £2000 Grant

HMRC is offering UK companies up to £2,000 to help with training or professional advice, if your UK business has up to 500 employees and no more than £100 million annual turnover. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/grants-to-help-small-and-medium-sized-businesses-new-to-importing-or-exporting What you’ll be able to use the

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Product Ideas to Import and Sell in 2021

Occasionally we’re contacted by manufacturers and sellers from around the word, showcasing their products. Some of these certainly look interesting and like they have some great potential. With the right agent, perhaps there could be some excellent opportunity for strong

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Hottest Imports From Nigeria in 2021

Imports from Nigeria offer an excellent opportunity for international traders for 2021 and beyond, with the UK market still relatively untapped. The trade growth for 2019 was 15.49% compared to a world growth of 3.50% and the value of merchandise

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Hottest Imports From Turkey in 2021

What Can I Import From Turkey? In the following video Alan Bracken talks about the advantages of importing from Turkey. He touches on his personal experiences doing business in Turkey as well as some of the best imports Turkey has

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Green Logistics

Logistics is the integrated management of all the activities required to move products through the supply chain. For a typical product this supply chain extends from a raw material source through the production and distribution system to the point of

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what are incoterms

Incoterms – Think Codewords

Incoterms Definition Incoterms are a pre-defined set of three letter codes created by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which were established so there would be clear international commercial terms, as far as where costs and risks lie within each

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Export to China

Import From China

The most common idea associated with international trade is to find profitable products to import from China and make your profit selling at home. Load up a container, hand it over to your freight forwarder and sell on Amazon or

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