Import Export Course Features

We Teach You How To Export In The Real-World

Since the start of lockdown remote learning is now commonplace and we’ve become much more used to classes being taught over Zoom and other video platforms.

Our courses cater for this trend with online learning, pre-recorded, remote video courses that allows you to study in your own time, with no start-time nor deadline to complete the course once you enroll.  Our courses cover three fundamental and important subjects:  

1. Start a Successful Import Export Agency Business
2. Import Export Documentation and Procedure
3. How to Buy and Sell Using a Letter of Credit in International Trade

Lead by our course director Alan Bracken, he has over 35 years of experience in international trade and teaches you his knowledge first hand, including the mistakes and pitfalls he made, so you don’t suffer the same.

Course Content Preview:

Why Learn How To Export With Us?

We cut out all the theory, all the fillers and get to the point, based on 35+ years of real-world experience.

We’ve streamlined our courses, so we don’t waste your time teaching you what you’ll never need to know, using a series of pre-recorded video tutorials. You’ll be able to import to, or export from any country in the world, as import export procedure is the same globally.

We don’t waste your time teaching you theory you’ll never need to know.

The Benefits

Our courses teach you in a practical way, what you need to know about how to import and export in today’s real world.

One-to-one support

Pre-recorded video

Worldwide access 24/7

No start or finish time, study at your own pace

Real-world example documentation

Certificate awarded on completion

Subtitles available in English

35+ years experience

Lifetime course access

One-To-One Support

Learn to import and export with us and you’ll get access to our exceptional one-to-one support over the phone or video call. With over 35+ years of experience, we’re going to answer all your questions both on our course content as well as questions you may have with your own business or career objectives.

Love Your Job

Forget the Theory

We don’t waste your time teaching the theory of logistics but get straight to the practical day-to-day knowledge you’re going to need to do your job and run your business. Theoretical knowledge gives you no advantage in the real-world and is a waste of your time and money.

Best Trade Education

Voted Best Trade Education Provider by Trade Finance Global in 2017. “We were impressed with the simple, straightforward and clear way that ABTS® presents their course. The course covers vital introductory elements such as transport types, payment mechanisms and Incoterms.”

Forget the Theory

Our import export training course is validated by The London Institute of Shipping and Transport (LIST) so you can be sure you’re being taught  by professionals with years of experience who have learned the hard way, from their mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Some Of The Companies and Agencies Enrolled On Our Course:

FREE Import Export Training

Learn how to start your own import export business.
  • How To Become An Import Export Agent
  • Land Your Perfect Job, Without Experience
  • Find Buyers, Make Sales
  • Make Sure You Get Paid!
  • Incoterms 2020, Code Words for Trade
  • All About Freight Forwarders
  • Get it Delivered with Incoterms 2020
  • Cargo Insurance
  • 10 Most Common and Costly Mistakes
  • The Art of The Deal