Start Your Own Import Agency Business – Full Syllabus

This course has been developed for anyone, no experience necessary, wanting to setup their own business as an import export agent. Teaching you everything from the ground up, with practical, real-world lessons, you’ll launch your business with a major advantage; knowing how to control costs, maximise profits and get deals done.

Taught with a series of pre-recorded videos, study in your own time, at your own pace, with no start or end date. One-to-one phone support is included.

Subtitles available in English

Course Cost – £549

Module 1: Setting Up Your Agency Business (Video Length: 22m 40s)

This chapter discusses the details of how to setup your business which is the foundation of how you’ll trade.

  • Setting up your business: Sole trader or limited company?
  • What are the start-up costs?
  • How to perform market research
  • How to identify suppliers worldwide

Module 2: Introduction to Agencies (Video Length: 54m 8s)

There are three types of agent, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. In this chapter, we discuss and help you identify the type of agent that’s best for you as how to contact potential buyers.

  • Best practice when contacting potential buyers
  • Trading as a Commission Agent
  • Commission Agent Agreement
  • Responsibilities as a Commission Agent
  • Trading as a Stockist Agent
  • Stockist Agent Agreement
  • Responsibilities as a Stockist Agent
  • Trading as a Procurement Agent
  • Trading as a General Importer
  • How to apply for an agency

Module 3: The “How To” of Buying and Selling (Video Length: 1h 1m 24s)

Needless to say, buying and selling dictate whether your agency business is successful. In this chapter, we explain best practice on how to buy and sell successfully,

  • Identifying the best sales outlets for your products
  • How to place your first order
  • How to advertise your business
  • Meeting potential buyers – what you need to know
  • Follow up sales visits and closing the deal

Module 4: Negotiating Skills (Video Length: 42m 42s)

Negotiating is a skill that you need to learn, practice and refine. This is a skill that you’ll improve with experience but in this chapter we offer you a solid negotiation strategy and tips after 35+ years in the business

  • How to conduct successful negotiations

Module 5: International Trade – What You Need To Know (Video Length: 1h 8m 20s)

There are some key areas of international trade that you must learn and understand. Without understanding these, your risk of losing money on a deal is huge. In this chapter, we address these key areas.

  • Incoterms 2020
  • Third-Party logistics providers
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Conclusion

Module 6: 10 Online Hacks For Your Business Website (Video Length: 12m 30s)

A website and online presence is your shop window, you have to have one! No need to spend thousands on branding, a website and software. Our guide shows you 10 hacks that will save you time and money.

  • Website templates
  • Freelancers for logos and branding
  • Where to host your website
  • Free email marketing software
  • Free webinar software

Case Studies

A series of six short case studies from past students and how they went about setting up their agency business.

Document Library

Included in the course is example documentation that you can use to make contact with suppliers, buyers and freight forwarders.

  • Product cost spreadsheet – helping you understand ALL your costs (XLS)
  • Template request for a quotation from suppliers (Word and PDF)
  • Template request to become a stockist agent (Word and PDF)
  • Template request to become a commission agent (Word and PDF)
  • Template request for an air freight quotation (Word and PDF)
  • Template request for a sea freight quotation (Word and PDF)
  • Template purchase order example (Word and PDF)
  • Template invoice/pro-forma invoice example (Word and PDF)
  • Buyer visit report example (Word and PDF)
  • Example of Non circumvention clause example (Word and PDF)
  • Incoterms 2020 summary (PDF)

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