International Trade Course Online

Our international trade course is different. We’re not asking to to read pages of text-heavy logistics theory, nor are we asking you to watch a teacher in front of a white board for hours. We don’t waste your time.

Our course is a series of entertaining, animated videos that teach you how to export or import in the real-world.  We teach you, using actual real life examples of documents so you’ll know exactly what your looking at when you move good globally for yourself.

  • One-to-one exceptional support.
  • Questions answered about both the course and your business or career goals.
  • A series of videos that you can access from anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • A text version of the course to print.
  • All documents and materials included to complete the course.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • The knowledge to trade profitably from your first day in business.
  • Free support for 60 days after you have finished the course.
  • The confidence to take control of your career and trade on the international market.
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Some Of The Companies and Agencies Enrolled On Our Course: