• As a novice with no previous experience, I am extremely happy that I took the three-course bundle; it has excellent long-term value. I can go back for guidance anytime I'm stuck or need a refresher in the future. The bundle was well-rounded and progressive. Alan offers a bonafide and insightful curriculum, along with invaluable support and a light humourous joke or two along the way to keep you enagaged. I also got invaluable advice/consultation when I decided to start-up after finishing the courses. This not only gave me the confidence to start my own enterprise but also the support, knowledge and skills required to work day-to-day in the sector mid recession - what more can i ask for. A very good course, without any cheesy upsells!

  • On completion of ABTS Logistics online Import-Export Training course, I can confidently say that the program has exceeded my expectations and provided me with a solid foundation in international trade. The course is not only legitimate but also equips students with practical, real-world knowledge that can be immediately applied in the industry. The course's well-structured curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including export and import documentation, international shipping, customs regulations, payment methods etc. The use of real-life case studies and examples made the content highly relatable and engaging. The instructor (Alan) is knowledgeable and well experienced, always willing to provide guidance throughout the course. The flexibility of the online format allowed me to complete the course at my own pace while balancing other commitments. The course materials and resources were easily accessible, and the online platform was user-friendly, making the learning experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend ABTS Logistics online Training on import-Export documentation and procedure course to anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of international trade. This program is a fantastic investment in your future, and you will not be disappointed.

  • Syd Carr
    Syd Carr

    It`s a great course with all the experience of the teacher being funneled into real scenarios of everyday challenging situations. You understand how you should function and opens your mind to the great "what if".

  • Kate Sukhanova
    Kate Sukhanova

    International trade is a tricky topic to grasp, and it's even harder to teach it in an accessible way. But that's exactly what Alan's course manages to achieve. Armed with the knowledge and applied examples provided during the course, I now have a clear understanding of international trade documentation and the overall process. Thank you!

  • Bob Mogg
    Bob Mogg

    This is a very enlightening well thought through training school. Should you wish to understand the mechanics of international trade, then Alan Bracken's teachings are in my opinion the best on the market. The content is thorough and covers all aspects of import export and gives the student all the tools to start their own business in foreign trade.

  • Tyttus

    I now have the confidence to start my import/export business with Alan's detailed course. I really recommend anyone who are serious about entering the international trade arena to take ABTS courses - you will not regret it!

  • No Nonsense. Clear, Progressive and Transparent. Does what it says on the Tin. Excellent.

  • Salim Mohamed
    Salim Mohamed

    The courses offered by ABTS are very informative. Despite working in the transportation industry within the UK for several years, my knowledge in regards to international trade was very limited. After completing the three courses I am now filled with confidence and ready to embark on a new journey as a Import-Export agent. I’d like to thank Alan for constructing the information to the point where it’s easily digestible by a beginner And also Marcus for being very responsive and supportive making sure the learning experience through this online portal one of ease. Again massive thanks to the ABTS Team.

  • Kimani Macharia
    Kimani Macharia

    This is a must-do course for anyone looking learn or expand their knowledge in international logistics or to be a professional freight forwarder. Alan is good tutor, delivers the basics and guides you in the right path.

  • MisterAyad

    The abts online school is good in that everything is simplified, and also good in that everything is explained to the tee. I had a half hour consultation with Alan recently and learned a lot from it. Worth more than it costs.

  • Jamal aidid
    Jamal aidid

    I just finished my import and export course I enjoyed the course very much and learned a lot from it,the course is well organised and focused on practical situations, ABTS is an absolutely amazing and professional trainers that I would recommend to others.

  • Cedric M.
    Cedric M.

    ABTS training is definitely one of the best places to learn about international trade. I can say at the same time that Alan is THE mentor I need for my import-export journey.

  • Alan the course tutor has been really helpful in all areas of international trade. I have learnt so much in so little time, all thanks to Alan. Thanks for your patience and thoughtfulness. This is the only course you will ever need to be on, it covers everything! From making a contract to delivery. Making a sound decisions is part and parcel of international trade and Alan will show you all the way!

  • Samar

    After completing the ABTS training course I felt extremely confident to start my own import export agency. The lectures were very clear and informative. Mr. Alan is very approachable and is always there to help his students in every step of their career. He’s truly an amazing mentor with huge experience in the field.

  • Ugo Eke
    Ugo Eke

    Awesome experience. Detailed yet easy-to-grasp course curriculum. Full of practical insights and valuable downloadable resources. Alan is approachable and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Import-Export business. Worth every penny. Highly recommended!

  • Loan

    Before coming to ABTS, I did joined another course costs me $1200. They give me too much general information. Then I decided to take another cost of Mr. Alan. It's so much different, it is so much practical, easy to understand. And it is specifically that you can communicate or get support directly from Mr. Alan. This is the best course ever, it is worth with your money. Don't miss it.

  • Samuel Okeke
    Samuel Okeke

    Great contents, great modules and great tutor. Having gone through all the modules I am thrilled to have start my own procurement agency company with regular support from Alan when required. I’ll definitely recommend ABTS to anyone who’s considering a career change or tired of 9-5 jobs.

  • Junshuo Tan
    Junshuo Tan

    Amazing experience. Alan answered my queries with practical knowledge and insights based on his years of experience. Definitely feel much more equipped to undertake this venture now. Highly recommended!

  • Halima Habib
    Halima Habib

    I am enjoying the course so far, I have learned a lot. Any questions I have had so far have been answered by Alan. The course is concise and has been updated for the new incoterms and also for changes after Brexit. Very useful course notes available to download as well as references to useful documents. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start a business in international trade.

  • Rezaul Rana
    Rezaul Rana

    Alan is a brilliant teacher, expert in his field and highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn about global trade, freight.

  • C M
    C M

    A great course for anyone starting an Import-Export business. Alan is more like a mentor than a teacher with so much knowledge in the international trade. This course will give you so much information to start your business.

  • Great course for beginners in international trade and a very helpful teacher who gets back to you quickly with answers to your questions.

  • Ansar B
    Ansar B

    An insightful and practical program presented by an excellent teacher. Any questions I had which the syllabus didn't cover, Alan answered thoroughly. Everything you'd want from an import-export course.

  • Sam Norrin
    Sam Norrin

    What an amazing teacher Alan is!! I would strongly recommend this training for anyone that is serious about logistics training. No pretentious waffle about useless information, just down to earth clear and concise instruction on all logistical activities. The training was so comprehensive that it actually attracted an employer to my CV. Alan is an absolute monster of experience and will hand guide his students on how to become a successful Multimodal Freight Forwarder .

  • Aboker

    I enrolled Alan's course as I wanted to import seafood into the UK but had limited understanding of the import/export processes and procedures. I was so impressed with Alan's breadth of experience and knowledge in the field that I decided to purchase his consultancy service too. He has seamlessly taken me through the whole process from market research to custom clearance and everything in between. I particularly found helpful his guidance on selecting the appropriate letter of credit. I highly recommend his course to anyone that is interested in becoming familiar with import/export procedures and international trade.

  • Ivan Kiriyak
    Ivan Kiriyak

    To be honest I was quite sceptical about the course in the beginning , but in the end you start really understand how things are working. The big and very important thing that Alan provides really nice support. He gave answers to all questions which I had after the course .

  • Graham

    A very good introductory or refresher course into the world of freight forwarding & international trade. Alan's years of experience in 'doing the job' mean that you are learning from real life experience not a text book. The video tutorials have been updated & Alan's knowledge, personality & enthusiasm shines through. The end of module & end of course tests help to make sure that you have taken in the information Alan has presented.

  • Tomasz Czyczylo
    Tomasz Czyczylo

    Good training with practical tips that can be used in many areas of business.

  • Tessa

    I am really enjoying the course and consultation received from Alan at ABTS. He has a wealth of knowledge in the field and I know I've chose the right company to work with. Tessa

  • G W
    G W

    Genuinely enjoyed the course and found it very helpful, i would recommend following the course with a consultation as for me this helped me apply what i’d learnt to my own particular circumstance

  • David S
    David S

    Absolutely brilliant course. Alan is a wealth of information and a constant source of knowledge, help and encouragement.

  • Martyna J.
    Martyna J.

    This course is the ESSENCE of what you really need to know if you want to become an agent. It gives practical knowledge how efficiently orientate yourself in this business. I found Alan's tips based on his experience extremely useful as it pointed out what I should watch out not to make losses but to make a successful business deal. The course material is presented in such a simple and easy to understand manner. Highly recommend!

  • Ionut Cojocaru
    Ionut Cojocaru

    Clear and down to Earth explanations for a sometimes arcane subject. It's been a pleasure talking to Alan and learning from him.


    Good quality stuff and the tutorials from very professional people.

  • Lauren Rojahn
    Lauren Rojahn

    Dealing with ABTS has been a really positive experience throughout. Everyone is very friendly and responsive. Alan’s knowledge on import and export is excellent. We are so pleased to have found ABTS and would highly recommend if you need advise. We will be using ABTS for our needs moving forward.

  • ken forrer
    ken forrer

    The tutor was very easy to communicate with and friendly, the course was well planned and had a lot of information about the import/ export industry. I highly recommend this course if you are looking for a legitimate way to learn more with no fuss at all.

  • yvan Cambiati
    yvan Cambiati

    Alan is a great teacher who makes import export document and procedure interesting. I highly recommend this course if you want to quickly understand the import and export documentation and procedures...

  • Lok

    great course, clear and informative would definitely recommend.

  • Mr M Kemp
    Mr M Kemp

    Despite spending the past few years in export sales, I didn't know anything about documentation and procedure. This course taught me so much, was well presented and I'm very pleased to have done it.

  • Diana

    I´ve just finished the Import Export Documentation Procedure course. I really enjoyed it, it is an excellent course to do if you are new to international trade or if you want to refresh your knowledge. The course is well structured and very practical. I would highly recommend it. Alan is very helpful and so is his feedback.

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago Ferreira

    Alan and Marcus are very helpful and fast answering to your questions. The course is very practical and complete, put you ready for the real world.

  • I am very happy that I have signed up for this course. It was an eye opener for me. I was looking for a practical course in international trade and I found ABTS course very practical and to the point. Not even university taught me this. Alan and Marcus were very supportive, thank you both! I can only highly recommend this course.

  • Paul Kreling
    Paul Kreling

    I have found this course a very useful and intensely practical one. In the past I have studied the subject from a theoretical point of view, but this has given me valuable new insights. The use of financing documents and the practical tips about them were particularly important. Paul.

  • I'm really happy I took this course. Its extremely helpful and Alan has been the best resource. Highly recommended!

  • Rumi Kamburova
    Rumi Kamburova

    I signed up with ABTS in May after deliberating between few other online courses. I had a phone call from Alan explaining me about the course itself, the modules and the topics covered and as soon as I put the phone down, I signed up with ABTS. This course is tailored made and explains you exactly what you need to know and how to put your knowledge into practice. Alan is great and takes time to explain every detail supported with a lot of examples from his personal experience. Thank you Alan.

  • GC20

    This a great course and an excellent insight into Import/Export. As the website says it cuts out the nonsense and gets straight to the point. It's interesting, enjoyable and full of great material. On top of that it is a reasonable price with outstanding support from Alan and Marcus. I fully recommend the course.

  • Akshay Gaikwad
    Akshay Gaikwad

    Its a very helpful course for whoever wishing to make their career in international trade. They have explained every document, every process very thoroughly. And explained how to act in a particular scenario, its very helpful and I would like to thank to export india team and recommend others to join the course.

  • H2016

    This is a comprehensive course and provides a valuable insight into the cargo/shipping sector. It breaks down the complexities of moving cargo by air/sea in to understandable language. It covers international rules to shipping, fees, customs rules to actual business ideas/strategies. I want to get into the industry and this has provided me with a good background and confidence to launch some ideas. Alan is well experienced and knowledgeable both him and Marcus were available to help and give advice.

  • Esmail Najafi
    Esmail Najafi

    I had the privilege to attend ABTS online Import Export course which is a great source of information for everyone who is interested in Import Export, and I hope all attendees benefit from it as I did.

  • Khursheed Alam
    Khursheed Alam

    An absolutely wondeful course! Learned a lot about import and export, incoterm and documentation. I think it is a must- take course for those who are shaping thier future in supply chain. Regards Khursheed Alam

  • LD

    As a novice I was a little wary of completing this course as I had no prior experience in Import/Export. I needn’t have been. The content is very clear and easy to follow. Alan was very responsive throughout and really takes the time to answer any queries you might have. You can tell that this is a true passion of Alan’s and he enjoys helping his students achieve. I have completed the course and now have a great grounding in the industry. I could not recommend his course enough. Thanks Alan!

  • Abdulrazaq

    It is a well-structured course that gives a good flow chart of the entire import-export process. It also gives finer notes on what you should be cautious of when doing things practically. Excellent course for beginners. Regards, Abdulrazaq

  • Seit

    Very good and understanding easy to learn cant get a better course then ABTS well recommended 10 out of 10

  • export Export
    export Export

    its orignal institute where staff and owner of institute are expoter not like IIIEM whos owner deepak manohar is not expoter his factory is small and wind up rest staff of iiiem is not expoters they are fraud . iiiem institute fraud.

  • Kannan

    I found the course very useful and easy to follow. Questions were answered very promptly by Alan, he is a helpful course tutor. I would highly recommend ABTS Import/Export Course.

  • Nav Paul
    Nav Paul

    I signed up to Alan’s course about a year ago. As a sea freight clerk by trade there were aspects of air freight i need to understand and this course helped me do that Cheers Alan Nav

  • Karol Schulz
    Karol Schulz

    In my opinion the best online logistic course ever. I am new in import/export but the course did teach me everything about international trade in very easy way. The support from Alan was always there whenever I had question. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

  • Raj C
    Raj C

    It is a comprehensive course which gives a good flow chart of the entire import export cycle. It also gives finer notes on what you should be cautious of when doing things practically. Excellent course for beginners. Regards, Raj C

  • sanjay singh
    sanjay singh

    It introduces good knowledge to beginners....Material carry strong and easy content to understand.

  • danish anwar
    danish anwar

    Course is very useful for trade finance professionals or those who want to start career in logistics, shipping company or Banking. Course contents are lucid and easily understandble even for beginners. They are designed keeping in mind of the market requirements. All the Best Warm Regards Danish Anwar

  • carl smith
    carl smith

    An excellent Import/Export course that will give anyone who wants to pursue a career in this interesting area of work a good grounding in knowledge. Students can do the course at their your own speed knowing that help is available should they have any questions. I thoroughly recommend this course.

  • Jan De Klerk
    Jan De Klerk

    This course is a must if you plan to get into logistics/import/export business. Alan is really helpful with any questions, making it unique to other courses that aren't specifically tailored to your needs. I really enjoyed the practical approach of this course as well as equipping the students how to approach negotiations and the mindset you should have in order to succeed in this industry. If you are interested in learning about import/export, I would start with this course.

  • Sophia Jang
    Sophia Jang

    I believe it's the most worthy practical logistics online course EVER! The online tutor helped me a lot to understand what I don't get. Even I met the main tutor after finishing the course for discussing questions. The tutor went through my CV too. I feel I have my helper for learning the knowledge of logistics and getting a job.

  • Pulok Dey
    Pulok Dey

    I was in a mood of Entering into the export import industry from my early hood. That's why I was wandering about the best course online. After a huge research I found ABTS Logistics at the end that seeming to be fulfilling my desire. Thanks Alan & the whole team for creating such a masterpiece platform. Want to stay with you forever as from the day one.

  • Ndjacho

    One of the Best courses for importers / exporters. I highly recommend it, especially for the novice entering the realm of International trade. ABTS support throughout the course is prompt and consistent. Thank you Alan and team.

  • Ndjacho

    ABTS has fueled my passion and desire to start a import-export business. The course material is well-explained and when you need help, Alan quickly responds with clarity. You will notice that quickly, especially when you take the course online from a different part of the world, with huge time difference. Thank you ABTS for laying the foundation for my understanding of Import Export. I highly recommend it. Ndjacho.

  • Lester Piloto
    Lester Piloto

    I consider that the Import Export Training Course Online has given me tools to face the daily work, it has updated my knowledge and has strengthened the integral vision that must be had about all the agents and matters that are present in International Trade. Lester Piloto

  • Semra

    Before I took the ABTS online course, I was working as a Customer Service Assistant. The online course thought me everything about international trade, import and exporting and it helped me to find a job in a supply chain department. The support for Mr Alan Bracken and his team was always there whenever I had questions while I was working in supply chain. After working in 4 years in my last company, I am now responsible for all import and exporting processes in our successfully run family business. Thank you for everything ABTS! Semra Arslan

  • Nadia Williams
    Nadia Williams

    ABTS' import export training course was a great experience from beginning to end. The course was well-organized and easy to understand and everyone from Marcus (support) to Alan (instructor) was very helpful and friendly. They went out of their way to assist me and always responded to my requests quickly and with much patience. They've made import/export exciting and I would definitely recommend to anyone.Five stars!

  • Lucy Hunter
    Lucy Hunter

    This was the first time I have ever completed an on-line course and it was made very easy by the team at ABTS. Their support was superb and the course details were up to date and having access to all the information even after I have completed the examination will be extremely helpful. Thank you.