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Sourcing Products

Sourcing Products Internationally

Product Sourcing Definition The definition of sourcing is very simply, “Finding products to sell for your business.” Sourcing products around the globe is obviously a very important factor in supply chain management and thankfully a much easier task than in

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Direct Export

Import Export Business Startup

The story of Lord Alan Sugar is a great one, from selling radio aerials for cars and other electrical goods out of a van, to a market stall, to multimillionaire. Starting an import export business really isn’t rocket science and

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How to Find Buyers For Export

One of the most common questions we’re asked by entrepreneurs thinking about getting involved in importing and exporting is, “how to find buyers for my exports”. There is no single or straight answer to this question, as you can imagine

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Shipping Insurance Explained

In order to try and steer away from Brexitmania, we thought we would take a break and address shipping insurance for your cargo.  Whilst any form of insurance is never the most riveting subject of discussion, we all know it’s

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Start Wine-ing And Get Exporting

Importing and exporting doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes a simple idea can kick-off a successful career and doesn’t need to be over complicated. In November 2017 a young lady, 23 years of age, enrolled on an online import

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what are incoterms

What are Incoterms and How Are They Used

Knowing what Incoterms are and why they are so important is to going to be the foundation of learning how to export.  Think of Incoterms as code words that are used within international trade that make it 100% clear where

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What Is A Freight Forwarder?

A part of knowing how to export is knowing what a freight forwarder is and how they can help you with international shipping and logistics transportation, as at some point you’re very likely going to need to work with one.

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Sell Products Online

Once you know what is selling and how to export, the bigger question becomes, how do you sell products online to an international market?  The Internet is the obvious way to reach a global market and start selling without needing

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