Product Ideas to Import and Sell in 2024

Occasionally we’re contacted by manufacturers and sellers from around the word, showcasing their products. Some of these certainly look interesting and like they have some great potential. With the right agent, perhaps there could be some excellent opportunity for strong sales and great profits to be made.

We’ll add products that we believe may have some potential to this page so you can research them and decide for yourself if they might be your cup of tea.

You’ll need to make sure your negotiation skills are ready for the job, so be sure you know how to enter into your negotiations.

DISCLAIMER: We have no interest, financial or otherwise in the products listed. We do not have any product knowledge other than the descriptions below, nor any affiliation. Research products for your own purposes.

If you would like more information on any of these products, please contact us and we will provide contact details.

Eco-Friendly Grass Drinking Straws from Vietnam

A Vietnamese supplier of eco-friendly products (both disposable and re-usable) such as drinking grass straws and tableware from coconut shells/woods.

Grass straws are great alternative to single use plastic and are:

  • 100% natural (no preservatives, chemicals, dyes, pesticides, etc…)
  • Single-use
  • Bio-degradable
  • Do not go going soggy and keeps shape well and can last for the whole day in both hot and cold drinks
  • Vegan and Gluten free
  • Easy to drink from

With plastic straws causing some many problems in our oceans and environment, public attitude is changing. Grass straws combined with other, eco-friendly products to form a strong range of products. Perhaps you can source eco-friendly products, such as eco-friendly coffee cups and something to replace plastic cutlery?

Next step will be to find buyers so try approaching restaurants, cafe’s, coffee shops and wholesalers. Make sure you have your pricing and minimum orders figured out.

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A Light Bulb Making You Invisible to Mosquitoes

A German company has invented a lightbulb that makes people invisible to mosquitoes and other insects.  

  • New, patented technology
  • Highly efficient and proven protection against widespread and disease-carrying insects
  • Prevention of insect-borne diseases
  • Product without toxicity, chemical contamination and environmental pollution

Ah the Summer! Heat, the garden, a beautiful holiday home, the pool, barbecues and…mosquitos! Many mosquitoes! Few things destroy a wonderful summer evening as quickly as a swarm of mosquitoes.

You’ve tried spray repellents, baits, Citronella candles, Tiki torches, and maybe even yellow lightbulbs. The expected effect has not materialized yet.

Could an ordinary light bulb solve your mosquito problems?

New technology creates a light frequency within a sphere of “action” at which insects lose their ability to find their target. Most Insects navigate by sun – or moon light, so the light that they can see attracts them. This product works on the principle that everything that is in the area of influence make it invisible to mosquitoes and other insects. Since they are not attracted to this special light, the effect is similar to that of conventional insect repellents, without however killing the insects or repelling them with the use of chemical substances.

Note: ABTS® Training has not seen nor tested the product but could be an interesting product that could be sold to hardware and DIY stores.

For more information contact us and we an provide contact details of the manufacturer.

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