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Common Questions
How is the course taught?

Our online import export training course is taught using a series of entertaining videos, however if you prefer to read, there is a printable version of the course text available.

What help is available for me after I complete my the course?

We help you to update your CV,  as well as a unique feature of ALL our courses is our help line you may call any time for free advice and help.

Our course leader Alan Bracken, works with UK companies on a regular basis as trainer and consultant and is very aware of the skills and knowledge employers are seeking from their new employees.

Alan also has an intimate knowledge of importing and exporting and can help anyone who wishes to set up their own import/export business.  Remember free help is only a phone call away.

What is the difference between ABTS Training’s course and other international trade courses?

Simply put, other import and export training courses online are taught by teachers that haven’t the real-word, practical experience of importing and exporting. They teach much of the theory and how it “should work”.

Our course has been developed by Alan Bracken BA who ran his own freight forwarding company for many years and learnt how to import and export in the real-world with “hands on” experience. He learned the hard way, what the major pitfalls of importing and exporting are and ultimately, how not to lose money and be profitable and spent many years as an in house trainer for companies worldwide, universities across Europe and the UN. This is what you’ll learn with our export import management course.

Do I receive a certificate when I complete a course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance when you complete our import export online course.

Is the International Trade Course Validated?

Yes, our international trade courses online are validated by the London Institute of Shipping and Transport.